Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dissecting a model in maya

After spending that time modelling the zebra it was time to slice him up. I felt this would be an easier approach rather than modelling each section seperatly. To achieve the gruesome result I put the camera into orthographic view of the side and used the cut faces tool to make several incisions. I then used fill hole to create end faces and the interactive split tool to ensure it was all quads. I selected the end faces and extruded them in to create slight cavities. The plan is to later sculpt a bit of detail into them either using zbrush or the maya sculpt tool (we wont see much of the innards so too much detail wont be neccesary.) next step is to uv map it and texture it.

Here's a pic of of him all sliced up, im going to use textures for the innards as the camera wont get to close to them for it to show as geometry.

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