Sunday, 12 February 2012

Idea number 2

I did a bit of research on Damien Hirst and read that he was pretty quick to sue people for imitating his work, so In the interest of avoiding copyright infringement I've come up with another idea, there was a news article a while back about a German cleaner who mopped up an art exhibit worth over a million quid. Whether the installation is worth that at all goes back to my previous question. The piece of art was a bunch of wooden posts attached to each other with some paint dripping off it onto the floor. The cleaner couldn't distinguish the art from trash so cleaned it up. It reminds of how much I wanted to go and make Tracy Emin's bed for her.

The damaged Martin Kippenberger artwork

I thought I'd create a similar piece and have a cleaner mop up the spillage leaving the word arts in the smear. I've quickly modelled it and its titled, 'tea at grandmas.' theres a pot of tea pouring into a bedpan overflowing onto the table and down to the floor. I even created an artist style justification for the 'sculpture.'

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