Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The importance of Storyboarding, Animatics and pre-visualisation

So here is a pre-visualisation I produced for this project, with a very specific time frame to fit this concept into I needed to plan it out I drew a quick storyboard which I won't embarrass myself by uploading then I planned the shots in maya and created some quick playblasts. I took the playblasts into premiere and edited them to the music track. This helped me establish the timing and angles of my shots before I invested in long render times.
When working in a visual medium the use of storyboards and animatics can't be encouraged enough. A well drafted storyboard can help you to establish what works for your film, an animatic can be made from that to help visualize timing and the beats of your story. Pre-visualization is a newer concept and that is taking the storyboard into 3d space so that shots can be planned physically, you can tell where on set to place your camera and at what angle you need to shoot it. All of these techniques are ever more essential for the modern film maker.

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